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Software Solution Takes Aim At Accounting Scandals

Compiled By Jill Jusko A new software solution aimed at maintaining auditing integrity has been introduced in the wake of recent accounting scandals and diminishing trust in corporate governance. Perimeter Data Inc. has introduced SigNet Audit and Compliance Server, a self-contained network appliance it says will automatically secure enterprise network data and keep it "forensically viable" for audits and legal investigations. According to Salt Lake City-based Perimeter, any changes or transactions to data, documents or files stored on a SigNet Audit and Compliance Server would be archived in a permanent, encrypted format. The changes could be programmed to trigger an automatic notification to any designated person, such as a security officer, company officer or board member. The encryption and archiving prevent any chance of digitally "shredding" or deleting electronic documents, the firm says. SigNet, short for Signature Network, is a network appliance that relies on a combination of proprietary cryptographic technologies with embedded software and secure global positioning systems to automatically encrypt and digitally sign more than 1,000 files per second.

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