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Solar Energy System Powers Savings

Compiled By Deborah Austin Neutrogena Corp. plans to install a 200-kilowatt, $1.4 million solar energy system at its Los Angeles corporate headquarters: the first major company installing a solar system in the city, says the Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power (LADWP). The system -- slated for completion by July -- should reduce energy consumption by 20% monthly and reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. Neutrogena is participating in LADWP's Solar Buy Down Program, in which LADWP customers can lower installed-system costs by a maximum $5 per watt for solar systems manufactured inside the city, and $3 for those manufactured elsewhere. Using Siemens Solar Industries systems made in Los Angeles, Neutrogena will get the higher savings rate. "This is precisely the type of innovation and leadership we help solve the energy crisis on a long-term basis," says California Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore Fred Keeley. Health- and beauty-products firm Neutrogena is a subsidiary of $29.1 billion health-care products company Johnson & Johnson.

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