Solectron Expands On U.S. East Coast, Japan

Growth plans continue for contract electronics manufacturer Solectron Corp., which announced a third manufacturing expansion along the U.S. East Coast and the opening of a new-product-development center in Tokyo. The San Jose-based company says the expansion of its Westborough, Mass., operation will add 66,000 sq ft of capacity to its existing 108,000-sq-ft facility and triple its workforce from 600 to 1,800 within two years, Solectron also announced two additional expansions along the East Coast earlier this year, one in North Carolina and the other in South Carolina. The company also established its first manufacturing presence in Japan with the opening of a new-product-introduction center just outside of Tokyo. The center offers a variety of premanufacturing services, including design and layout, testing capabilities, concurrent and component engineering, and prototype development. Solectron has had a program office in Japan since 1992, offering consulting services as well as access to its global manufacturing operations.

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