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Solution Helps Manufacturers Integrate Service, Support

Compiled By Deborah Austin Enigma 3C Version 8 -- a new platform from support-chain solutions provider Enigma Inc., Burlington, Mass. -- targets content, commerce and collaboration needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), operators and service providers of complex capital equipment. "Support chain" refers to post-sales relationships between manufacturers and operators. Version 8 -- built on an open, Java 2 Enterprise Edition n-tier-based architecture for incorporation into existing business processes -- is designed to let OEMs support customers and service providers no matter what their level of technological sophistication. The platform gives instant access to technical information, dynamic visibility into inventory levels, and best-practices collaboration. An as-maintained product-information encyclopedia can be dynamically updated by OEM or end-user. Collaboration capabilities ensure mechanics'/technicians' concerns are captured and shared with peers and OEMs.

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