Sony Garners Award For Energy Savings

Sony Electronics has been awarded the EPA's first-ever Home Electronics Partner of the Year Award for its initiatives in manufacturing, marketing, and promoting Energy Star-compliant products. Sony, which met or exceeded the EPA's criteria for the award in both product and marketing activities, accepted the honor at the Electronics Industry Alliance's Spring Conference on Mar. 31 in Washington, D.C. Mark Small, vice president of environment, safety, and health, attributes this award to Sony's sales, marketing, and manufacturing teams who contributed to the design and sale of more than 3 million Energy Star-compliant televisions, VCRs, and other products. To qualify for the Energy Star seal, a TV in standby mode must use no more than three watts of power; a VCR, no more than four; and a TV/VCR combination, no more than six. Last year, most of Sony's TVs used just one watt of standby power, much lower than the EPA standard of three watts. Sony has committed to a goal of one watt or less of standby power from every new TV chassis designed in 1999, exceeding the Energy Star limit by two-thirds and achieving an energy savings of up to 75%.

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