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Spam, Anti-Spam Products On The Rise

Compiled By Frank R. Chloupek According to a new report, "Anti-Spam for Businesses and ISPs: Market Size 2003-2008," both the number of spam messages and the market for anti-spam services are expected see dramatic growth over the next five years. The survey reports that the average business user will see the number of spam e-mails grow from 10 messages per day in mid-2003 to over 40 by 2008. This projected growth in unwanted e-mail corresponds to a forecasted growth in anti-spam products and services. Among the report's highlights:

  • Global business anti-spam seat deployment will increase from 11 million in mid-2003 to over 500 million seats in 2008, generating over $1 billion in revenue.
  • Revenue from corporate anti-spam services will increase from about $55 million in 2003 to over $850 million in 2008.
"It's a very dynamic environment," says David Ferris, president of Ferris Research. "For corporate users we expect the companies that offer gateway solutions, rather than desktop solutions, to be the most successful." Ferris Research is a San Francisco-based market and technology research firm focusing on messaging and collaborative technologies. A complete copy of the report is available for purchase at
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