Study: Brands Are Significant Force In B2B Purchasing

Compiled By Deborah Austin Brand names and fast service are significant drivers for chemical buyers' online purchasing decisions, suggests the recent study "Was it an Illusion? Putting more B in B2B" by global consulting firm Accenture and e-CRM technology firm Online Insight. Of industrial chemical buyers, 17% said they were "brand seekers" when purchasing online. Another 22% said they were "service bargain hunters," valuing quick service at best prices; 31% were "time savers," seeking improved productivity even at higher cost. Sixteen percent were "browsers;" and 14%, "self-help shoppers" wanting ease of use. But with the one-size-fits-all approach of most Web sites, less than half of business-to-business customers are pleased with their online purchasing experience, says the study. Key findings for online success:

  • Different buyers have different needs and preferences.
  • A brand's promise -- based heavily on historical performance -- is a major purchasing factor.
  • Customer service can make or break the sale. And even with a good Web experience, customers want access to a live person.
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