Study: Injury/Work Loss Rate 49% For Auto Maker

A study by Johns Hopkins School of Public Health found that nearly half of OSHA-recordable injuries suffered by employees of a major motor-vehicle manufacturer during a three-year period resulted in work loss. During that time period, the unnamed manufacturer's employees suffered 35,483 OSHA-recordable injuries, 49% of which resulted in lost work days.

Researchers collected data from the manufacturer's assembly, stamping, powertrain, parts plants, and administrative centers in the U.S. Among their findings:

  • Sprains and strains led all injury types, accounting for 39% of all injuries and 65% of the total number of lost or restricted-duty days.
  • The finger was the most common injury site, involved in 20% of all injuries.
  • More experienced workers suffered a greater percentage of injuries and were more likely to have been cited for failure to use personal protective equipment. For example, 35% of all injured workers had at least 20 years of experience working the same skill group and at the same plant; 45% of those cited for failing to use protective equipment had more than 20 years of experience.
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