Study To Link Productivity, Lighting

By John Teresko Would Edison be chagrined to discover that our industrial culture may still be unconvinced about the connection of lighting to productivity? The latest evidence -- aside from the working environment in many buildings -- is the announcement that a consortium of lighting, building, and energy organizations is launching a program to determine which comes first -- worker productivity or a well-lighted workplace. While the announcement speaks only of a potential link, it does go on to indicate that the four-year research program will help quantify the strength of the relationship and then work to translate the results into changes in the workplace. The Light Right Consortium consists of major building companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations that share an interest in conserving resources, promoting new and better lighting products, and improving workplace environments. The program is managed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, which is operated by Battelle Memorial Institute for the Dept. of Energy. For more information about the consortium and potential membership, contact Ron Nesse, project manager at 509-372-4217 or [email protected]

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