Study Reveals How Pharmaceutical Firms Cut Costs

Compiled By Traci Purdum A recent study, "Pharma Technical Services: Structuring for Manufacturing Process Ownership," by Best Practices LLC found that pharmaceutical companies are increasingly seeking to maximize resources and avoid shutdowns and product recalls. The study also reveals how pharmaceutical firms are improving manufacturing processes to ensure that products reach the market in cost-effective ways. According to the study, one benchmarked company standardizes technological processes across global locations to prevent process divergence that occurs from disparate equipment. Another company requires proven benefits before installing new technologies. In addition to benchmark technology practices, the report includes:

  • strategies for implementing successful structures and reporting relationships;
  • techniques for forecasting appropriate staffing levels and development training practices;
  • proactive procedures for managing speed of technological adoption;
  • analyses of technology adoption effects on reduced cycle time;
  • tactics for sharing best practices among sites.
Best Practices is a pharmaceutical research and consulting firm based in Chapel Hill, N.C. To download a summary of the report, visit
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