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Sun Test Center Simulates RFID Deployment

Sun Microsystems Inc. has launched its RFID (radio frequency identification) Test Center, which enables manufacturing companies to simulate RFID deployments. The Dallas-based test center is equipped with warehouse logistics and RFID equipment from Sun and its partners, including Allen Technology Ltd., Applied Wireless Identification Group Inc., i2, Matrics Inc, Nortel Networks, Printronix Inc., Texas Instruments and Venture Research. According to Sun, these partner companies complement the Dallas-based company's RFID offerings with components such as RFID tags, readers, printers, wireless infrastructure, enterprise application integration software, warehouse management software, and enterprise information system software. The center simulates varying conditions of an actual distribution center or warehouse as specified by RFID mandates. The goal of the center is to allow customers to test-drive equipment and solutions before making an investment. "Our goal with this test center is to provide customers with access to the technology and the systems needed to test their RFID implementations, and to reduce the time and overall cost required for customers to meet these mandates," says Larry Singer, vice president of global markets and strategies at Sun.

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