Sunbelt Software Showcases Server Monitor Solution

Sunbelt Software, a provider of enterprise system infrastructure and security software, released its ServerVision server-monitoring solution. According to the Clearwater, Fla.-based firm, companies can centrally monitor performance and availability of all their Windows servers via the solution and its features, which include:

  • Server and event-log monitoring. Administrators can view services running, event logs, disk space, memory and system performance. To monitor remote systems, administrators can use a deployment wizard to deploy ServerVision onto another system. Additionally, ServerVision monitors all logs, including the additional logs supported by Windows 2003 and .NET. Events can be filtered by type, source, category, message content, event identifier or user.
  • Automated responses and alerts. Administrators can create automated actions such as running a program, restarting a service, rebooting a system, or sending an e-mail based on pre-defined events or threshold criteria.
  • Detailed analysis and reporting. Administrators can create reports on event logs, performance, services, key system indicators and more. Status reports are available through the management console and Web-based interface at all times and can be automatically sent periodically to one or more e-mail addresses.
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