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Supply-Chain Resolutions Target Bottom-Line Results

Compiled By Deborah Austin New Year's resolutions could strengthen supply-chain efficiencies in today's unforgiving economy, suggests Optiant Inc., Somerville, Mass., provider of supply-chain design and optimization technology. A few suggestions:

  • Start using the supply chain like the strategic weapon it is -- recognizing the links between supply-chain performance and shareholder value.
  • Focus on a point solution that will bring substantial results in one or two quarters. Prioritize and dollarize your most pressing supply-chain problems. Implement one part, using return-on-investment and lessons learned for the next phase.
  • Remove organizational barriers between supply-chain stakeholders, enabling smart decision-making and better use of cross-company knowledge.
  • Make your investment work to support strategic/financial goals: Analyze the impact of each process variable on overall supply-chain performance.
  • Re-evaluate and reconfigure as needed.
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