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SupplyWorks Adds Wireless E-Kanban To Procurement Application

Software provider SupplyWorks Inc. has announced the availability of wireless e-kanban capability for its SupplyWorks MAX procurement application. Kanbans, which initiate a call for materials or parts, are key to a pull-production system. SupplyWorks says its e-kanban technology eliminates the need for physical kanban cards to travel and potentially get lost. Instead, card barcodes are scanned at the work cell, where electronic signals are transferred from wireless devices to SupplyWorks MAX and then automatically sent to the appropriate supplier. SupplyWorks says its kanban automation is compatible with wireless devices from Symbol Technologies and Intermec Technologies Corp. The combination of wireless kanban automation and SupplyWorks MAX also presents the following features:

  • Blanket orders are used to manage pricing and monitor releases.
  • Supplier performance metrics are captured to provide feedback for future sourcing decisions.
  • Purchase order/release number, kanban identification and location are referenced on shipment documentation to peg each order to the correct bin.
A tracking number is entered on the ASN (advanced shipping notice) to monitor each shipment. SupplyWorks has its headquarters in Bedford, Mass.
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