Survey: Committed Employees Lack Committed Employers

Compiled By Michael A. Verespej According to a recent survey released by consulting firm Wirthlin Worldwide, McLean, Va., two-thirds of employees said that they are very committed to their employers, but only 38% of them believed the employer returns that same level of commitment. In the last three years, the gap between how employees perceive their own commitment to their organizations and how they perceive their employer's commitment to them has widened from 18 percentage points to 29 percentage points. The survey also found that the most effective way to garner employee loyalty is through effective communications. Eighty-seven percent of the employees who said that they were very satisfied with their company's communications also said that they were very committed to their employer. "Whether it is the company's business plan or any other type of communication, successful internal communications needs to translate to the employee 'what this means to me,'" says Carol Gstalder, senior vice president, Wirthlin Worldwide.

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