Survey: Employees Dissatisfied With Corporate Procurement Policies

Company employees attempting to purchase items such as computers, mobile phones, business travel and temporary labor are less than pleased with their corporations' procurement policies, according to a new survey conducted on behalf of Accenture. The global consulting firm's survey, which queried more than 150 procurement policy-makers and policy users in the United States, discovered that 75% of executive-level policy users are dissatisfied with their companies' procurement policies, as are 12% of policy-makers. The primary areas of inefficiency, according to survey respondents, were identifying vendors (said 43% of respondents), tracking the purchase in the process (26%) and difficulty obtaining approvals from superiors (20%). Of the 75% who said they were dissatisfied with the policies, 62% said the policies contribute to lost productivity, 46% said they detract from job satisfaction and slightly more than one-third (35%) said they were a catalyst to seek jobs elsewhere. A slight majority of respondents said productivity would be improved with a greater range of products and services from which to choose.

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