Survey: M.B.A. Students Expect And Earn High Wages

Compiled By Eric J. Merfalen A recent survey of 2,200 M.B.A. students from 76 countries discovered what students expect after graduation. The Web-based Global M.B.A. Survey, conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council, studied the attitudes, values, and expectations of the M.B.A. class of 2000 Among the survey results was salary expectations:

  • 59% of those surveyed expect a base salary of $71,000-$80,000.
  • 40% of the men expect to earn more than $80,000.
  • 21% of the women believed they would exceed $80,000.
  • 54% of the women expect to earn less than $70,000 compared with only 34% of men. Interestingly, 47% of the respondents received the salaries they were expecting and 40% received salaries that were beyond their original expectations. Another aspect of the survey discovered why M.B.A. graduates choose particular employers over another. With 77% agreeing, the No. 1 reason why they chose an employer was for the challenging and interesting work. Competitive salary (50%), opportunity for advancement (41%), and location (36%) followed closely behind in the poll. Three-quarters of those surveyed also said that the main factor for pursuing their M.B.A. was to increase their career options, not just their incomes.
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