Survey: Preference For E-Mailed Resumes Soars

E-mail has changed how executives prefer to receive resumes. A recent survey from staffing-specialist company OfficeTeam, Menlo Park, Calif., found that 48% of executives want to receive resumes via e-mail. That's a dramatic turnaround compared with the mere 4% who preferred e-mail resumes two years ago. It also means that e-mail resumes are preferred by more than a two-to-one margin over the long-time preferred choice of mailed-in resumes (The number of executives who said that they prefer to receive resumes by mail stayed the same at 21%.) Most of the executives who changed their mind came from the 64% who two years ago said they had no preference. That percentage fell to 19% this year. The research was based on 150 responses from the U.S.'s largest 1,000 companies.

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