Survey: Recruiting, Selection Top Business Concerns

The tight labor market portends better employment packages and benefits for would-be employees -- and is forcing employers to put more money and emphasis on recruiting and selection -- says a new survey by Pittsburgh-based Development Dimensions International (DDI). Sixty-two percent of employers surveyed say their biggest challenge in recruiting/selecting is heightened competition for fewer available candidates; applicants are increasingly likely to be weighing multiple offers. Nearly half the employers plan to significantly change selection and recruitment strategies; and nearly half say they face a too-cumbersome selection process. Firms with the most effective recruiting strategies were nearly 20% more likely to offer high-quality options such as potential for advancement, a solid company reputation, stock options, benefits package, a positive corporate culture, learning opportunities, and a competitive salary scale. Over the next two years, 75% of those surveyed plan to spend more money on recruiting and 68% on selection. Almost half plan to increase the use of behavior-based interviews and computerized resume screening. Human resource executives at 162 organizations participated in the research. Seventy-four percent of the responding organizations are based in the U.S. with reported revenue ranging from $1 million to more than $10 billion.

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