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Survey Says More Trade Show Travel Planned

Compiled B Tonya Vinas While many companies report they plan to cut employee travel in the coming months, one recent survey finds that business people are more likely to travel to a trade show these days. According to research firm eBrain Market Research, nearly a third of all surveyed business travelers said they see trade-show attendance as more important since the events of Sept. 11. The Arlington, Va.-based company surveyed 354 trade-show attendees during the week of Nov. 19 and published the results in the report "Business Travel Survey." The survey reports that 26% of respondents are looking for ways to reduce travel, but 66% of respondents said they are more likely to plan a business trip if it involves a visit to a trade show. According to eBrain executives commenting on the survey, trade shows could offer a way to reduce travel because multiple meetings with different purposes can take place in a trade-show environment. "Companies can conduct client meetings and companywide meetings, while allowing manufacturers to exhibit new products, all in the same location," says Todd Thibodeaux, eBrain COO. Sixteen percent of respondents said they are shifting their sales focus to exhibitions rather than standard sales calls.

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