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Survey: Web Influencing Children's Purchasing Habits

A recent study by Greenwich, Conn.-based NFO Interactive reveals that while children and teens are online grinding away at their homework, or favorite game, they also take time out to shop. More than half of the 364 children, ages 5 to 17, who were surveyed said that they have asked their parents to purchase an item that they have seen on the Web. One out of every six is allowed to purchase items online, and one out of seven has done so. CDs, tapes, and albums were the most popular purchases. Though television remains the favorite media format among children, they spend five to seven hours per week online. "The Internet has always been the focus of young adults. Now it is increasingly becoming the medium of choice for children and teenagers," says Charlie Hamlin, president of NFO Interactive. "Companies seeking to convey the benefits of their products and services must invest heavily in the Internet to ensure their competitiveness in the future -- even the near future." NFO Interactive is a division of NFO Worldwide Inc., a provider of research-based marketing information.

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