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System Allows For Alerts To Be Sent Via Extranet

Diffusion Server Release 3.0, a customer relationship management system from Diffusion Inc., Mountain View, Calif., performs subscription-based notification and document delivery for organizations that communicate with customers, sales-channel partners, or remote employees via an extranet.

It operates without separate client software, freeing customers from having to load client software at each individual's desktop to define and manage their alert preferences and profiles.

To establish a notification profile, a potential recipient visits the company's secure extranet Web site and selects a personalized set of information he is cleared to see. Deliveries are made when applicable via the user's choice of media including email, fax, pager, cellular phone, Web, printer, or postal delivery.

Diffusion Server supports Windows NT and Sun Solaris platforms. Hosting requires a workstation or server, an Internet IP connection and an Internet mail account. A single Diffusion Server system can support more than one million individual alerts per day, depending on such application factors as frequency of alerts, size of message content, delivery media, and capacity of specific extranet devices.

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