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System Tests For Intranet, Extranet Vulnerabilities

On a regular basis we read of glitches in computer infrastructure, platforms, and software that make networks and other computer systems vulnerable to breakdown or invasion. For intranet and extranet applications, these points of vulnerability can be detected via over 170 tests with WebTrends Security Analyzer from WebTrends Corp., Portland, Oreg. Applicable to networks, browsers, and servers, including e-mail servers and clients, the system provides administrators with regularly scheduled reports with recommended fixes. It also highlights where risks are highest so administrators without an in-depth understanding of network security can address the most severe issues first, according to WebTrends. In addition, the application's POST (platform for open security) architecture allows customers and vendors to write their own security tests for any device or configuration. The systems AutoSync feature will automatically retrieve and load the latest security tests available from the SecureTrends Web site or other security-test libraries created with the POST security developers kit.

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