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System Turns Information Into 'Business Intelligence'

Retrieve information from many sources and turn that information into business intelligence with the Knowledge Management Suite from AlphaCONNECT, a division of Alpha Microsystems, Santa Ana, Calif. Available as either an Internet-enabled client-based application or a Web-based corporate browser, the retrieval application creates a unified corporate portal or view by combining internal enterprise (intranet, PCs) and legacy data with public information and subscription-based data from the World Wide Web. The export application then converts the information into database, spreadsheet, word processing, contact management, and other popular desktop applications. The suite can acquire, manipulate, and deliver multiple types of data including text, HTML, SGML, XML, structured records, images, audio, and video. The system decreases the need for key-stroking and data reformatting, eliminates the need for legacy reprogramming for special reports, and generates email and fax for instant distribution, according to AlphaCONNECT. The software package is scalable and delivered on a customized basis depending on the needs of the client.

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