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Team Tag-it Tags Intellident

British information systems company Intellident Ltd. has joined Texas Instruments' Team Tag-it, a partnership of companies developing radio frequency identification (RFID) smart label solutions. Intellident's solutions include supply-chain offerings, including the rollout of more than 4 million RFID smart labels in Marks & Spencer's refrigerated goods supply chain, as well as industrial-packaged tags for harsh environments. The UK firm will work with Texas Instruments to deploy RFID solutions for European businesses. "We are looking forward to collaborating together on current and future projects," says Intellident Managing Director Jim Hopwood. More than 50 RFID hardware and software suppliers and printer and reader manufacturers have joined the Team Tag-it program since its inception in March 2000, according to Texas Instruments. Members participate in marketing, sales and networking opportunities, and share resources to strengthen the market for RFID smart labels.

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