Two Firms Cooperate To Ease Port Congestion

SynchroNet Marine Inc. and Profit Tools Inc. say a cooperative alliance between the two companies will help ease port congestion. The alliance allows for seamless data integration between the Profit Tools for Trucking container dispatch system and the SynchroNet virtual container yard matching service. The SyncroNet service helps trucking operations that have available empty containers find matches with other trucking operations that need such equipment. With the integration, firms that use Profit Tools can automatically post available and needed containers into the SynchroNet service and eliminate redundant efforts. The integration, which becomes available this month, helps trucking companies avoid unnecessary trips to ports, explain the two firms. "The problem of port congestion is significant in terms of cost, efficiency and environmental impact," says Brian K. Widell, president of Lee, N.H.-based Profit Tools. "A more efficient reload matching process is a goal on which trucking companies, owner operators, steamship lines, the ports, and civic and environmental groups can all agree."

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