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UPS Bolsters Customs Brokerage Service

UPS Supply Chain Solutions says new technology tools have improved its customs brokerage service. "The advent of more stringent security regulations, increasing documentation requirements and advanced notification about goods before they arrive at international destinations means that customs clearance is much more complex and unpredictable," says Norm Schenk, who heads the brokerage services. "These enhancements are designed to keep goods moving quickly and efficiently across borders while keeping customers proactively informed about their international shipments in transit." Enhancements include new options to UPS Supply Chain Solutions' Flex Global View technology. The options inform customers when shipments reach defined key milestones during customs clearance and offer a watch list that monitors the progress of shipments customers flag as "critical." Imaging enhancements let users electronically capture and archive trade documentation. In related news, Atlanta-based UPS and UPS Supply Chain Solutions have combined into a single customs brokerage entity, a move designed to streamline the customs clearance process.

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