Value-Chain Development Toolkit Enables Interconnected Solutions

Compiled By Deborah Austin i2 Technologies Inc., a Dallas-based value-chain management solutions provider, has launched the first products in a value-chain development "toolkit" leveraging i2 Service Based Architecture (SBA) and J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) standards - which are standards for application servers. Intended to help customers and software partners build, deploy and maintain solutions across value chains, the open-standards tools also let system integrators tailor solutions to customer requirements. The tools:

  • i2 Integrator Pro, a software development kit enabling software providers to build SBA-compliant adapters from their applications to i2's Infrastructure Services. Also enables products to appear as services to other services-enabled products/solutions -- including interoperability with services other than i2's.
  • i2 Solution Builder, which helps in building solution templates that leverage common services to integrate data, applications and user interfaces -- enabling knitting together of i2's and others' solutions.
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