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Lessons Learned from 2008 IW Best Plants Winner Lockheed Martin Corp. MS2 Tactical Systems -- Clearwater Operations

Over the past 34 years, Lockheed Martin's Clearwater Operations has faced and risen to many challenges. The experiences have taught the Clearwater team many valuable lessons, including: quality first; only the lean survive; good people make the difference; teams work; be flexible; and never forget who you are working for.

In this session at the 2009 IW Best Plants Conference, audience members hear Lockheed Martin's journey to world-class manufacturing and the various methods this manufacturing facility employed to get to where it is today. This 2008 IndustryWeek Best Plants winner has worked hard to put the right people, the right programs and the right processes in place to succeed in a challenging and ever-changing environment. Hear how it happened.

In This Presentation You Will Learn

  • About Lockheed Martin Corp. MS2 Tactical Systems -- Clearwater Operations (in minute 4)

  • Real life indications of quality vs. production (in minute 15)

  • Lockheed Martin's Lean programs and continuous improvement journey (in minute 24)

  • How to do smaller jobs to increase output and produce the right product (in minute 27)

  • Lockheed Martin's Yellow Belt program (in minute 34)

  • How Lockheed Martin implements teams (in minute 37)

  • The biggest challenges of being Lean as a high-mix, low-volume producer (in minute 52)

  • and more


About the Speaker

David Brantley, Business Development Manager, Lockheed Martin MS2 Tactical Systems - Clearwater Operations

David Brantley has over 34 years experience in the defense electronics manufacturing industry. He began his career at Sperry Univac, and through business mergers and acquisitions worked for Unisys, Paramax, Loral, and Lockheed Martin which he is currently employed. After receiving his BSEE from the University of South Florida in 1974, Brantley began his career as a manufacturing engineer. He advanced through various positions in manufacturing engineering, as a manufacturing/test engineering manager, and as a project manager. He received his master's in business administration from Florida Institute of Technology in 1985 while continuing his career in other positions in proposals and business development. Brantley is a member of the senior leadership team at the Lockheed Martin's manufacturing site in Oldsmar, Florida.

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