Igniting Creativity -- Your Most Important Competitive Advantage: Featuring Josh Linkner

What's the riskiest move a company can make today? Doing the same old, same old. Hugging the status quo. Staying the course in spite of a changing marketplace. In a world economy that can flip in a nanosecond, thinking that the future will follow the past is the fast road to obsolescence. What's the antidote? Igniting your company's creativity. Finding new routes to growth, profitability and innovation with Josh Linkner.

Linkner jolts organizations and people worldwide, helping them recharge their creativity to reawaken companies and careers. A successful five-time entrepreneur and well-respected jazz musician, he bridges the gap between the arts and business to help audiences maximize their creative potential. Linkner teaches, inspires, and entertains. He is on a mission to make the world a more creative planet by providing powerful, fun, and practical techniques that push all levels of the business world to jumpstart their creative energies. Applying Linkner's proprietary system, Disciplined Dreaming, you will notice immediate and profound results. You will unleash hidden creativity and fresh thinking in every setting -- from your weekly staff meeting to major innovation sessions to new product breakthroughs. You will tap into a deep well of inspiration and new ideas, any one of which could dramatically alter your company, career, or your life. You will come alive with supercharged wonder and curiosity, improving your leadership, performance, and overall enjoyment of life.


  • Get unstuck -- break free from myths and barriers to unleash creativity.
  • Tap into the hidden brainpower inside yourself and your company.
  • Establish an ongoing system to nurture and harvest your team's best ideas.
  • Avoid costly mistakes of flawed idea selection and measurement.
  • Increase your ability to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty.
  • Learn how to adapt more quickly and proactively to changes in the marketplace.
  • Apply focused creativity to specific business problems of all sizes and shapes


In This Presentation You Will See

  • Linkner discuss the 2008 rececession (in minute 3)

  • Linkner discuss disruptive creativity (in minute 4)

  • Linkner bemoan the decrease in U.S. creativity (in minute 9)

  • Why creativity is 85% nurture, not nature (in minute 14)

  • The reasons why creativity is often stifled in business (in minute 15)

  • Why curiosity is the building block of creativity (in minute 20)

  • How the "Five Whys" unlock creativity (in minute 22)

  • Linkner recounting sending a package to UPS using FedEx (in minute 26)

  • A brainstorming technique called "The Opposite" (in minute 30)

  • Why we cut the ends off the meatloaf (in minute 36)

  • How to overcome imaginary barriers (in minute 37)

  • How groupthink can hurt innovation (in minute 42)

  • Rolestorming as a discussion technique (in minute 43)

  • and more


About the Speaker


Josh Linkner, CEO and Managing Partner, Detroit Venture Partners, Chairman and Founder, ePrize, Chairman and Founder, The Institute for Applied Creativity, The Institute for Applied Creativity

Josh Linkner is the founder, chairman and former CEO of the largest interactive promotion agency in the world, ePrize. Over the past 12 years, ePrize hired over 1,800 professionals and provides digital marketing services for 74 of the top 100 brands. Linkner led the firm from inception to being ranked the No. 1 fastest-growing and No. 3 overall promotion agency by PROMO magazine. Linkner led ePrize's expansion into new industries including travel, automotive, financial services, consumer packaged goods, retail and entertainment. He contributed to ePrize's geographic expansion, opening offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco, Detroit, Atlanta and London. Additionally, Linkner led the firm through two rounds of financing and two recapitalizations, securing over $43 million of investment.

As an early Internet marketing visionary, Linkner founded and built one of the first web marketing agencies, GlobalLink New Media, in 1995. The firm grew to be recognized as a "Top 100 Interactive Agency" by Advertising Age magazine in 1997 and 1998. In early 1999 he successfully negotiated and managed all aspects of the sale of GlobalLink New Media to a publicly-traded firm.

Linkner served as senior vice president for Rare Medium Group, a 1,100 person web-consulting and venture capital firm. Previously, he was the founder and CEO of two other successful technology companies. He is the author of two books. His most recent book, "Disciplined Dreaming: A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity" (Jossey-Bass/Wiley), helps organizations and individuals jumpstart their imagination and build creative organizations.

Recently, Linkner launched his fifth company, the venture capital firm Detroit Venture Partners. Along with business partners Dan Gilbert and Brian Hermelin, Linkner is actively investing in early-stage technology companies looking to help rebuild the Detroit region through entrepreneurship.

Linkner is a frequent source for-comment among business, technology and marketing media. He has been featured in hundreds of publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and Entrepreneur, and is a frequent keynote speaker at industry events. Linkner has won multiple business, technology, and design awards including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, The Inc. 500 (six years in a row), the Detroit Executive of the Year, and the Automation Alley CEO of the Year. He earned a bachelor of science degree in advertising from the University of Florida. Linkner is an accomplished jazz musician. To learn more about his role as a change agent for business creativity and to follow Linkner's blog, visit JoshLinkner.com.


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