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Visible Inventory Expands Sensor-Based Product Family

Visible Inventory Inc. has added two new sensors to its family of sensor-based inventory-control products. The two additions -- iShelf and iPallet -- round out the Salem, N.H.-based company's sensor-based inventory offerings. It now provides offerings for inventory items up to a total weight of 5,000 pounds, Visible Inventory says. IShelf and iPallet measure inventory by weight and communicate the information to the company's SuppliLink software via wireless controllers. When an item reaches a reorder point, notification is sent automatically to the appropriate supplier via e-mail or fax. Users can view status, quantity, reorder information and history via SuppliLink. The iPallet sensor is a floor sensor with a total capacity of 5,000 pounds. IShelf sensors accommodate item weights of 1.6 ounces to several pounds.

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