Warehouse/Transportation Alliance Targets Small-To-Midsized Market

Compiled By Deborah Austin To help small-to-midmarket companies with warehouse and transportation productivity, CTG and Manhattan Associates Inc. have launched a channel partner agreement for Manhattan Associates' PkMS Pronto -- a general-purpose, Windows-based integrated warehouse and transportation management system. CTG, Buffalo, N.Y., is an information-technology solutions and staffing company; Manhattan Associates, Atlanta, is provider of extended supply-chain execution (x-SCE) solutions. Under the agreement, CTG will add PkMS Pronto to its suite of supply-chain solutions, deploying it on behalf of both companies' clients. The partners say the result -- a flexible, general-purpose supply-chain execution solution -- can help small-to-midsized firms optimize warehouse productivity, picking/loading speed, packing and inventory/operations costs. The combined solution is particularly suited to consumer goods, direct-to-consumer, industrial/wholesale and third-party logistics (3PL) players.

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