Web-Based Application 'AskMe' Aims To Boost Knowledge Sharing

Share the information and expertise of your employees both within the company and with business partners with the help of AskMe Enterprise knowledge-sharing solution form AskMe Corp., Seattle. Hosted or licensed, this browser-based application allows individual employees and work groups to track down experts, search existing information, and share knowledge within the company and with suppliers and customers. Questions answered and other information posted to the database is accessed via a natural-language search engine capability. Users also can select an expert to direct a question to. In selecting an expert, users can review title, job function, qualifications, previous answers, and ratings from other users. When a question is asked, the expert receives an e-mail notification about the question. The expert then logs into the AskMe Enterprise application; answers the question; attaches any relevant files, documents, or links; and sends the answer. The answer is automatically stored in a knowledge base for immediate access by other employees. This decreases repetitive questions to key employees, reduces time spent searching for answers, and reduces the load on customer and technical support. The AskMe system is entirely Web-based and can seamlessly integrate into heterogeneous computing environments, according to the company.

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