Web-Based Course On Deming System Announced

By Jonathan Katz Phoenix-based Corpedia LLC, a Web-based corporate e-learning company, has agreed to develop an eight-part course with the W. Edwards Deming Institute based on the late W. Edwards Deming's "System of Profound Knowledge," a corporate management theory to be released in the fall of 2000. "We chose the Deming Institute in large part because of Edward Deming, being in many circles, referred to as the father of total quality management and really the basis of what other quality programs today really grew out of," says Corpedia CEO Alex Brigham. The program will feature a five-hour-long suite of eight courses priced at $450, which will guide the user through basic Deming philosophies including ways to overcome potential management problems, how to apply knowledge and theory to the real world, and rational steps to expert management. The W. Edwards Deming Institute, based in Potomac, Md., was founded in 1993 to expand on the teachings of Deming, who had written several books on management theory and served on the New York University Stern School of Business for more than 46 years. "E-learning is a growing industry, and we have realized the importance of choosing a forward-thinking and reputable e-learning company as the Deming Institute's content deliverer," says Kevin E. Cahill, a trustee for the Deming Institute. "We selected Corpedia because of its excellent reputation in the marketplace and its superior technology platform."

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