Web-Based Program Keeps Employee Hours

Two new time and attendance Web-based software solutions from Automatic Data Processing Inc., Roseland, N.J., replace and automate the process of collecting and calculating paper time sheets for payroll processing. Developed for large companies and companies with disbursed employees, ADP TimeSheet is a scaleable solution that allows employees to dial into a secure intranet/Internet site and enter both worked hours and non-worked time, such as vacation and sick, against an unlimited number of labor accounts. Supervisors approve their employees' time through the Web or LAN and the data is then seamlessly transmitted to payroll, general ledger, and accounts payable systems. The system has automated e-mail notification of user-defined irregularities, including missing time sheets, missing approvals, rejected, and historical corrections. Designed for small to midsized companies, eTIMEsheet offers three different ways for employees to enter their hours for a particular job and/or activity: by keying in and out times, entering a summary of total hours worked, or clocking into a personal computer that registers in and out times. Once reviewed and approved, the software totals the hours, applies all pay rules, and seamlessly transfers the data to payroll.

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