Web Site Offers 24-Hour Safety And Health Training

Houston-based software company OSI/Warren-Forthought Inc. has launched WorKingbird.com, an online service offering 24-hour safety, health, and environmental training courses and recordkeeping --among others -- on a fee-for-use basis. The site gives industrial companies a Web-based tool for scheduling safety courses, delivering the training to employees and contractors, and documenting the results. It includes a library of multimedia health and safety training courses, a curriculum builder, student registration and test tracking capabilities, strong reporting features, and remote administration, according to the company. Currently 39 training courses are available at a fee of $4.95 each. WorKingbird's courses were developed for and have evolved over years of use in companies including Mobil Chemical, DuPont Zytel, Georgia Pacific, and BASF, according to OSI/Warren-Forthought, which provides training, recordkeeping, and document-management solutions for industrial companies.

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