Web Site Offers Professional Association Information, Events

Want to find out if a certain industry or topic has an association serving interested persons like yourself, free? Click on AssociationCentral.com, a new portal that provides public access to information, products, and services of trade associations, professional societies, and other nonprofit organizations in the U.S. Visitors to the portal can search associations by name, acronym, key word, topic/focus, or content description, then link directly to the association's home page. The directory provides basic descriptive information about participating associations, and search engine capability. Associations also may announce meetings in the Events Calendar. "Associations are one of the most under-utilized resources for information and research," says Alan Preston, president. "Visitors to our site will be led to a wide range of topics, and they'll be able to network with a group of people who are part of a common community." Other special content soon to be added to the site includes distance learning and certification opportunities, virtual trade shows, job postings, interactive chat rooms with experts in all fields, and e-commerce for associations to offer their publications and services. AssociationCentral.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of Memberware Technologies Inc., Pittsford, N.Y.

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