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Web Site Promotes Metal Sales

Metal producers will soon be able to sell their wares via a Web-based marketplace dedicated solely to their industry. Beginning this fall, a newly formed company called MetalExchange will offer metal producers the opportunity to sell their products via the Internet site The site, which is being launched in phases, also will provide industry news and information.

Spearheading the new venture is steelmaker Weirton Steel Corp. Weirton, along with LTV Steel and Steel Dynamics Inc., have committed to selling their products through MetalExchange and are limited partners in the new company.

MetalExchange initially will focus on the steel industry, featuring online sales of secondary and excess products from the participating steel manufacturers. The site will expand to include prime and made-to-order products from the initial sellers as well as products from other steel operations. MetalExchange then will phase in other metals such as copper, aluminum, and zinc.

Buyers will be able to access the site for free, while sellers will be assessed a transaction fee for each online sale, and an annual service fee for the development of a mini-Web site within the MetalExchange site.

For more information about MetalExchange call toll-free 877-638-2539 or log on to the Web site.

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