What Is Collaboration -- Really?

Compiled By Deborah Austin To tackle marketplace confusion about "collaboration" -- and examine how collaboration can be used, measured and managed -- the worldwide trade association Supply-Chain Council, Pittsburgh, has made public a two-year study project. It outlines a collaborative framework -- developed for the Supply-Chain Council Standard Operations Referencemodel (SCOR) -- designed to make "collaboration" a well-defined and identifiable set of processes. The study addresses:

  • What forms of collaboration exist between partners
  • Why participants demonstrate a particular trust/predictability level
  • When to employ specific process elements/best practices
  • How to model collaboration and measure its performance.
Results suggest each participant's position on hierarchy of business needs is a basis for determining "when" to employ specific elements/best practices in modeling dimensions of a collaboration. A Collaboration White Paper and presentation are accessible free at www.supply-chain.org/Collaboration%20Public/download.asp.
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