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Wireless System Monitors Perishables During Transit

Compiled By Dave Schafer Bloomington, Minn.-based Thermo King Corp., a division of Ingersoll-Rand Co., is introducing a wireless data downloading and monitoring system for truck fleets carrying perishable goods. Ingersoll says the system, R:Com, helps fleet owners quickly and efficiently document cargo temperature set points, a requirement in meeting European regulations for perishable-goods transport and handling and in meeting the U.S.'s Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Points. The system provides fleet owners with a wireless, radio-frequency-based connection between a Thermo King truck refrigeration system controller or datalogger and a distribution center's operations. The R:Com system also provides immediate communication of alarm conditions, and any action required, to a mobile phone, pager, or e-mail address, Ingersoll says. The system provides distribution companies with history records about the trailer unit's temperature throughout transit of the load. When the trailer arrives at the hub, the R:Com system begins downloading data from the refrigerated truck trailer, says Barrie Shrosbree, fleet operations manager of Frigoscandia, located in the UK. It gives the history of the trailer temperature throughout transit, the current status of the trailer, and other data needed to confirm the load traveled safely and under regulated guidelines.

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