Wolf Institute Offers Best-Practices Classes For HR Execs

Three best practices courses for human resources executives will kick off Philadelphia-based The Wolf Institute's Fall 2000 semester offerings. The courses will be held on successive weeks: Best Practices in Hiring Programs on Sept. 13; Best Practices in Performance Management on Sept. 21; and Best Practices in Harassment Prevention on Sept. 27. "These are seminars ideally suited to the more senior HR professional who has a basic understanding of the topics but would benefit from the ability to balance business objectives with risk management," says Jonathan A. Segal, coauthor of the courses and a principal in The Wolf Institute. "Our overall philosophy is built on the premise that the HR executive's job is to achieve corporate goals without being paralyzed by the laws that govern the employer-employee relationship." The Wolf Institute is a freestanding professional education and training facility, an extension of the law firm Wolf, Block, Schorr and Solis-Cohen LLP. Each course is taught by the attorneys and human resource professionals of Wolf Block's Employment Services practice group. For more information, a course catalog, or to enroll in a Wolf Institute training program, contact Rita Hunter, Director of Administration, at 215-977-2007 or visit www.wolfinstitute.com.

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