Workers Don't Fear Losing Jobs, Survey Shows

By Michael Verespej There's a seeming paradox among U.S. workers. More than half --53% -- feel that a recession is imminent, and 20% think they could lose their job if a recession hits; but only 12% say that they feel less secure in their job than a year ago. The survey results released by also reveals a high willingness on the part of workers to switch jobs. Almost four out of five workers --78%-- say they would take a new job if the opportunity came along, and nearly half of those surveyed said they are looking for a new job. "The survey indicates that the majority of American workers feel secure in their current job . . . during these uncertain economic times . . . but also are keeping their eyes open for new opportunities," says John Zogby, president and CEO of research firm Zogby International, which conducted the survey. And although it may be a mobile society, almost two-thirds of those surveyed -- 63% -- said that they would take a pay cut to stay in the current city and maintain their current quality of life.

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