Working Late: Managers Carry More Than Their Own Weight

By Deborah Austin Managers -- who already work long hours -- may be toting extra-heavy workloads due to recent coworker layoffs, suggests a survey of managers and professionals from Cleveland-based recruitment firm Management Recruiters International (MRI). On average, 27.8% of respondents said they work later than their regularly scheduled hours five days a week. Another 35.4% put in extra time three or four days a week and 32.2% stay late one or two days a week. On days they do work late, 32.6% put in one extra hour, 43% work two extra hours, 12.6% work three extra hours and 8.2% log four or more. Only 4.6% of respondents said they never work late. Managers feel pressure to not only get their own jobs done, but those of laid-off colleagues as well, says Allen Salikof, president and CEO of MRI. "Keeping staff happy and productive has become more important than ever as the economy strengthens, and until staff is added again."

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