Working Women Kicking The High-Heel Habit

More than three-quarters of American women now wear low-heeled, sensible shoes to work -- and the higher their educational level, the lower the heel. A recent survey by the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS) shows that women who work outside the home are continuing their decade-long trend away from high heels. In 1998 44% of respondents said they wear "flats" (fashion shoes with heels less than 1 in.) at work; an additional 30% wear athletic shoes, and 17% wear low pumps (less than 2-1/4 in.) A 1990 AOFAS study found 63% of women wore shoes with a heel height less than 1 in. at work, including 14% who wore athletic shoes. Of women surveyed in 1998 with more than four years of college, 58% reported wearing flats. That compares with 46% of women with four years of college, 40% with some college and 37% who completed 12th grade or less.

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