Yale Dean Publishes Book On Global Strategies

In Worldview: Global Strategies for the New Economy (2000, Harvard Business School Press), editor Jeffrey E. Garten includes a series of articles on managing and competing in the global marketplace from the Harvard Business Review. Garten is dean of the Yale School of Management. Written by authors such as C.K. Prahalad, Michael E. Porter, and Rosabeth Moss Kanter, the article titles range from "Managing in the Euro Zone," to "Growth Through Global Sustainability." "The articles in this book have been selected to help corporate leaders think through global strategies at a time when there are few guideposts to navigating the mind-boggling changes that are occurring," says Garten. "They encompass many angles of the global game -- from thinking about where to locate your business to making the most of your existing location, or from managing intellectual property rights to reengineering your global supply chain." The book also offers advice on managing information technology and building corporate alliances.

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