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20 Top iPad Competitors (Including Cisco and BlackBerry)

With all the buzz it's been generating, it's not surprising to see the iPad getting some competition, especially as the holiday buying season heats up. (Quick aside: I wonder what life's been like in tech sector product development over the past few months? Can you imagine having to keep up with Apple?)

Here's the blog post from the guys at ZDNet, and here's a handy slideshow.

I wasn't surprised to see any of the usual "me-too" suspects (Samsung, Lenovo, LG) make this list, but it was definitely interesting to see RIM (BlackBerry Playbook) and Cisco (Cius) on this list with iPad-ish technologies aimed at the corporate as well as consumer market. Thanks to Apple, those lines are more blurred now than ever before.
Image: BlackBerry playbook

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