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Air Travel in 2014

The airlines’ “Flying Cheap Strategy,” which now has us paying for seemingly everything, will continue to search out new revenue streams.

A pay as you “go” fee to use the lavatory will get more attention, as the carriers seek to squeeze every nickel out of their customers.

While the average passenger continues to expand, seats will get smaller.

Overall, service will remain at about the same level as it is for a guy serving six months on a parole violation. Still, ticket prices will be little changed.

Fortunately, however, we will be able to keep our small electronic devices turned on throughout the flight.

And, thanks to vocal opposition, cellular telephone calls will not be permitted.

This year will also finally see the TSA moving in the right direction.

The security focus will be squarely on keeping bad people, rather than bad things, away from the aviation system.

From an investor’s viewpoint, airline stocks will remain attractive.

The industry’s Soft Landing that began in 1992 will firmly take root.

And, barring a major attack or sudden shock in fuel prices, stability for the carriers, manufacturers, and the entire industry will reign.

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