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Are You Getting 1000% ROI Out Of Social Media?

A recent Forbes blog by Lisa Arthur entitled "Marketers Reporting Social Media ROI of 100, 200, Even 1,000 Percent" quotes a Marketing Sherpa study that found the following unbelievable numbers:

The overall average ROI reported by CMOs who are measuring it is 95 percent. One-quarter said they have achieved 100 percent ROI. Higher percentages were reported, too. Twelve percent said they have achieved 200 percent ROI; two percent reported 1,000 percent ROI.

...and when I say, unbelievable, I mean it (until I see the numbers myself). As my readers know, I'm pretty bullish on social media's power to move markets, but unless I'm missing something, anyone who is reporting 1000% ROI on anything needs either a HBS case study or some remedial excel training.

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