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Auto Warriors Reality Show Features Two Ford Plants

Satire site The Onion News Network brings an idea for a new reality show (one that unfortunately might just catch on at Fox).

The "new hit show" Auto Warriors pits two factories full of Ford autoworkers against each other in a competition to produce 1000 Focuses in 24 hours ... the "wrench in the works"? In this "Dark Factory Challenge" they can't use electricity. Win, and they keep their jobs and benefits. Lose, and they join the dreaded Pink Slip Circle. A representative quote from the "Ford executive":
"We knew we had to close one plant anyway, so why not let the two factories battle it out? ... It's winner take all!"

And from the Ford autoworker:
"It's no different from how it used to be, but with all the cameras around, now the bosses make us follow the OSHA rules..."

The link is here but warning -- sometimes the Onion's humor hits uncomfortably close to the bone.

TAGS: Innovation
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