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Bringing Brazil Back from the Brink

Last month, Brazilian President Rousseff announced a stimulus plan to bring the economy out of its current decline. The stimulus package focuses on infrastructure projects, the latest in a line of measures taken to pull the Brazilian economy back up.

Record low interest rates, tax incentives, and investments in information technology projects to build highly valued companies are just some of the other steps that the government has taken. 

Companies across the world are reacting. U.S. medical companies have been buying assets in Brazil to capture the growing need for medical care and devices. UnitedHealth Group Inc. just announced a plan to purchase 90% of Amil Participacoes SA, a Brazil-based insurer and hospital operator, so the company would have a stake in the emerging economy. 

Fiat is building their second factory in Brazil, lured there by financing options and tax breaks that will persist for five years after production starts at the new factory. 

The Brazilian government is looking to overhaul its air force and is entertaining bids on the expected $4 billion project, where Boeing is a big contender. 

While the Brazilian economy may be dabbling in recession right now, it will soon pull up. And the interesting mix of incentive and opportunity will provide for a diverse range of activity.   

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